lyrique86 (lyrique86) wrote,

My ankle has reached the stage where it hurts regardless of my current activity.  This is very worrisome, as I've had both knee and foot problems in the past, and I know first hand that injuries like that never fully heal.  Add an ankle problem on top of that and I'm going to be in bad shape.  Good news is I found my old ankle brace hiding under my bed!  I'm just going to keep it on at all times, take ibuprofen regularly during the day to keep down the swelling, and ice and elevate it every evening.  I think much of the problem is that my body isn't use to standing for long periods of time as it's doing now.  Sure I used to walk to class everyday, walk to the grocery store, but that was short bursts of constant movement, not long periods of standing around being bored.

My bustle underskirt is done and my roommate's old prom dress has been altered into a very cute evening dress.  I'm now working on another project to pass my time.  I'm doing it partly because I fell in love with the fabric, but mostly I want to see if I can really make something when I don't have a specific pattern for it.  Usually I tweak my designs to fit the pattern.  But can I tweak a pattern to fit my specific design?  Hmmm, we shall see.  Hopefully, I will end up with something that looks at least a little bit like what I designed on paper.

So how is everyone?  No really, I'm curious to know what everyone is up to and how their semesters are going.

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