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...And you are?

It seems like an eternity since I posted, but according to lj, it's only been 5 days.  Huh.

V-day came and went.  I worked for most of the morning and part of the afternoon, and though it was only 6 hours on my feet versus the usual 10 (6 at cafe and 4 at after-school), I was still feeling very drained after.  Dear Manager, never schedule 6 days in a row ever again.  Love, me.  That night, I went to WashU to see Hamlet.  It was pretty good, but it was hard to judge the other actors, as the actor who plays Hamlet (who is INDIAN and I KNOW and I find that so amusing) was phenomenal and everyone else paled against him.  And honestly?  I think SLU would have done it better.  Maybe that's my SLU loyalties poking through, but we had a lot of really good actors pass through while I was working with the department.  Not to toot my own horn, but our Shakespeare play was better than WashU's (granted, we did a Midsummer Night's Dream which is a comedy, and it was set in INDIA and I was in it, but still...).  Our director took a lot of time with us to make sure we knew just exactly we were saying in Shakespearean; there were rehearsals devoted to talking about the subtext and subtleties, and there was this ENORMOUS binder full of Shakespeare essays and whatnot for us to read, and we had a student in the crew whose job was soly to supply us with Shakespeare facts .  I don't think these actors knew all the time what they were saying; they were just reciting the lines.  Mind you, it was still very, very good, and I'm glad I got to go.

Today, I got my new computer.  My roommate's boyfriend helped me pick it out, and I'm so grateful he was there becuase he managed to find my a better computer for $100 less than the original one I wanted.  It's still at the store; Geek Squad had to unistall programs I didn't want on it.  My roommate's bf could've done it; he's a freaking computer engineer!  But they had plans...and it's selfish of me to expect him to be around to deal with my technology problems.  Sometimes though, I can't help but feel entitled.  I do a lot for those two, and being the attention whore that I am, I hate feeling as if I'm being ignored.  On the flip side, they DO shower me with gifts everytime he comes over to thank me for whatever it was I did for them that time around.  This time they got me the Coraline soundtrack (which I desperately wanted) for my part in throwing a mini prom night for them.  Also, I tend to make myself disapear for long stretches of time so they can have time to themselves in our one bedroom apartment, if only by shutting myself up in the bedroom all night (where there is no TV or computer to entertain me, boooo) and then leaving early in the morning to "run errands."

I don't have to work tomorrow, which fills my soul with much joy.  I'm going to (finally) finish my dress and make a matching capelet, and a petticoat.  I also might go to a job fair, but the companies at this fair are all looking for Allied Health majors, and I am totally not one of those.  It seems a little pointless to go, but my mom says I should at least check it out.

...I think I'll clean a little...

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