lyrique86 (lyrique86) wrote,

It went like this

I think I'm getting better.  I have a headache, probably due to days of sinus congestion, my nose is still a little stuffy, and I have a dry cough.  However, I feel full of restless energy, which is better than the lethargy I was feeling all this week.  I'm still a little worried about getting a sinus or chest infection, but hopefully I won't get one this time around.

My roommate is sick too, which is just the icing on the cake.  It is common knowledge that med students cannot take care of themselves.  My roommate is the worse offender of them all; she believes if she tells herself she's not sick, she can prevent sickness.  Which is bull, and when she pulls stunts like that it's the only time I get truly upset with her.  Junior year she was having back problems to the point where she couldn't lift an empty bag.  She walked with a hunch and had trouble breathing.  It took me MONTHS to convince her to go see a fucking doctor.  It was even worse Sophomore year when she believed sickness was just a state of mind.  Thankfully, my frequent allergy-induced sinus infections and asthma attacks cured her of that stupid idea.

Anyway, last night I felt like I was taking care of a petulant child.  She had a fever of 103, her eyes were glazed over, she had a horrible dry cough, her nose was congested AND runny, AND SHE REFUSED O STOP STUDYING.  Finally her boyfriend and I had to gang up on her, him chastising her over the phone, and me prying her laptop from her hands, to get her to stop and go to bed.  I managed to get her to take Nyquil, Robitussin, and Actifed, which is a testament to how sick she was feeling; she never takes medicine.  Never. 

It was just kind of funny at the time.

My mom offered to come down for the weekend and take care of me.  Keep in mind that it's a 4 hour drive and both my parents are sick right now too.  I love my parents so much XD I told her to stay at home and worry about herself and daddy, but I was tempted to allow her to come down here like woah.

On the flipside, my roommate's parents live a mere half -hour away, yet it has not occurred to her mom to drive down here and look after her daughter, even though she knows her daughter has been too sick to go to class these past few days and suffers from low-grade fevers at the moment.  Huh.

Moral of this post:  I have an awesome family.  The end.

I'm gonna go sew now.

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