September 1st, 2009

Catnik, Sewing


Me: See, this is why you're so awesome.
Preethu: I don't think I'm that awesome.  Today was proof of that.
Me: Everyone has bad days.  Even God.  That's why we have platypuses.

Me: You're gonna ace your test because you live with me.  And I'm good luck.  That's why Preethu aced all of hers.
Cathode: Oh that's why?  Well cool, yo, I'll just pack up my books right now and stop studying if that's the case.
Me: See, if you do that, then the good luck runs out and you'll fail.
Cathode: So basically, if I study hard, your good luck will make me pass my test, but if I don't study hard, the good luck becomes null and void.
Me: Yes.
Cathode: Well that makes perfect sense.

Work is going well enough.  I'm getting better, getting faster at processing transactions, but I still make plenty of mistakes, which aggravates me to no end.  Today, my drawer was $68 short, and I counted and recounted and I COULD NOT find what I did wrong, which means what must have happened was that I freaking gave a customer too much money.  Which is stupid.  The other tellers tell me not to worry, and that it happened to all of them when they started out, but I'm not used to doing poorly at work.  I'm used to rocking my job and doing a stellar job without even trying.  But I guess it's not right to compare my dinky cafe job to this.

I don't think it's hit me yet that this is my life now.  That I go to work everyday, to a real job, and I'm now a real adult.  The only thing my parents still pay for is my phone bill, and that's because we're on a family plan.  Rent, utilities, car insurance, student loans, health insurance, medical expenses, emergency expenses, that's all me now.  And it feels so WEIRD when I really think about it.  I've always known in the back of my mind, that my parents can (and will) pay for everything if I asked them to.  I still act as if I'm merely away from home for the school year, and still live in Kansas with my loving and doting mommy and daddy and my bro.  But now I really am on my own now.  When I go home to Kansas I might as well call it going to my parents' since it's not my house anymore, and I actually haven't seen my brother since last winter break.  St. Louis is my home now.  My apartment is mine, my car is mine, my stuff is all mine.

This is new territory for me.

Still slowly but surely paying off my credit card bill.  Ugh, everytime I think about it, I get So.  Mad.  I'm making money, but since I exhausted my savings over the summer, everything goes straight to expenses, which means paying off my bill is going to have to be done in small increments.  I'd really like to go down to the cafe and yell at the owner one day.  "You ruined my perfect credit with your crappy money-pinching ways!  I HATE YOUR FACE!"  Not to say my credit is bad...yet.  I just...hate owing pointless money like this.  Student loans is one thing.  Credit card bills accrued because your boss doesn't care about his employees is just stress-inducing.

BUT!  I will not let this stand in my way of increasing my lolita wardrobe!  I'm allowing myself to buy at the max ONE dress and ONE pair of shoes in Kate B's group order.  Because, technically, I have the money and a finace charge of $10 on my credit card account for not paying off the full bill this month's whatever.  I'm buying me some boots, end of story, but the dress I want only comes in black and I.  Do not.  Wear black.  I shall PM Fei and ask if they can make it in the ballerina fabric instead!  It's pink!  I don't own any pink yet.

Also, Jessie, I want to send you some of the money I owe you, would you prefer cash or a check?  I know you said I could pay whenever, but I mean it when I say I hate owing random money.