September 4th, 2009

Catnik, Sewing

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Cathode: I am Preeths and I am sleeeepy! *Runs into Preethu's room* Dude.  WAFFLES!  She's really asleep!
Me: Awww she fell asleep studying!  We should tuck her in.
Cathode: Shouldn't we wake her up?
Me: She won't wake up until you say her name.  WAKE UP WAKE UP!  See?
Cathode: Wooow.  Waffies, we could, like, do anything we wanted to her.
Me: We should put her books on the floor and move her so she's at least lying down on her bed in the right direction.
Cathode: We should stick a pretzel up her nose.
Me: Maybe we--wait what?
Cathode: Here comes the pretzel up your noooose!
Me: Wow, you've obviously been studying too hard today and your mind is now blown.  PREETHI.  Wake up.

Sarah: You're, of course, invited to come to my awesome party tomorrow night.
Me: I can't.  I have to catch up on some paperwork.
Sarah: PAPERWORK?  What are you, like 30?

Dear Old Cafe Job,
Have I told you how much I hate you?  You've basically made my life five times harder, and even though I have left you forever, I'm still paying the price for your retardedness.  I hate you, I hope you die in a fire.

No Love,

Seriously, if i didn't have that STUPID CREDIT CARD BILL, I'd be all over some AatP and that BABY skirt Kate's all about.  BUT ALAS.  I must pick and choose me battles and it fills me with distress.

I'm still buying those boots, but I might have to pass on the dress.  Because that calling to me...