October 23rd, 2009

Catnik, Sewing

Feeling Better

Thank God I can actually sort of breathe now.  And my sinus headache is completely gone.  And I managed to not have to go to the doctor, yaaaay!

So, due to the string of pig AIDS and swine colds I've been catching, I've completely given up on making a costume for Halloween this year.  It's like I told Val: time to wear some OTT lolita and call it a costume.  I'm thinking I'll wear that white JSK from AnimeSTL, white sweater, white tights, white hair accessories, silver glitter all over me, and go as a snow fairy...or something.  Whatever, the point is I look good in white, and I don't have any decent portfolio pictures of that JSK yet.  I'll make a white, fur-lined cape too keep warm while trick-or-treating, and get a silver tiara.  OR make an icicle crown!  It would be WICKED AWESOME if my Mashimaro-Girl boots got in in time, but it won't be a total loss if they don't..

Kaaaaate (B) has Fei told you when the GO will be in?

It's weird; now that I've made this decision, I'm at a loss as to what to sew next.  I always have SOMETHING one my dress form half-made and needing attention, and now...it's unsettling not having to turn on my sewing machine.  What should I start on next?  What is there to even make?  I need to go through my fabric and make a list...

Safari print (LOVE this print omgeeee)
Pink musical note print
Kate R's fabric/ design (That I STILL haven't done and she took all that time desiging something for me and everything booooo Christy)
Tourist/ European map print
Half-finished blue dress (that I don't even really like anymore)
Half-finished steampunk musical instrument jsk (turn it into a skirt?)
Blue cordoroy
Brown cordoroy
Green silk (no longer using for costume, now saving for Princess Tiana costume next year)
Crate of random scraps and remnants
Tulle.  A whole crate of tulle.

Tomorrow after work, I'm making a run to Hancocks and Hobby Lobby if anyone would care to join me.  At 4, I'm going costume shopping with my little Gryffindor boy, so it'll be that space between 1 and 3.  I have...two spaces in my car left, as Chi already said she wanted to go, and then there's my Gryffindor boy at 4.  BUT if you want to be dropped off before I pick him up, then yeah, his space doesn't need to be saved.

Today at work, my assistant manager had some customers come to her desk, and when she ran over to the teller line to get some transactions processed for them, she pulled me and R aside to tell us that the men look like vampires.  Because out of the whole branch full of women who claim to like Twilight, only two have actually read the books (my assistant manager and R) and then there's me, who hasn't read the books but knows more about the plot than is good for her. And as much as I claim to hate it at work, I'm the one R talks to about it because at least I know what goes on in the story, and am willing and eager to have long, involved debates about aspects of the plot.  I think I'm starting to become a fan, guys.  Not because it's any good, mind you, but because it's so hilariously bad.  And Jasper is DELICIOUS and I want to have Jacob's baby.  Whatever, the point is the customers looked like Nordic vampires, and I never got to see them and was VERY upset about it.

I love my job, because things like this happen all the time with my coworkers:

Me: *humming to herself*
T : Whatchu happy about?  You got you some?  *cackles to herself*
Me: XD Noooo.  I don't get me none.
T: *conspiratory whisper* Is you a virgin?
Me: Um...yes?
T: *Flips out* OH MY GAAAH I didn't know you guys existed anymore!  Can I touch you?  I've never touched a real live virgin before!


Te: I think I might be a praying mantis
Me: That's cool.  I wanna be a fairy.
Te: I don't really like fairies.
Me: Well, I don't like your FACE!
R: On no, she didn't.  *Laughing*
C: Girl, you gonna fit right in here.

Legit, it's like I'm in an episode of the Boondocks.  Everyday.  It's awesome.  Also, R watches that show and loves quoting Riley, and sounds JUST LIKE HIM.  It's AWESOME.

THERE'S NO SCHOOL TODAY AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY TIME.  I should start planning my lessons for next week.