November 15th, 2009

Catnik, Sewing

Shopping was fun once

If you never watch the Harry Potter Musical, at least watch the second part of the opening song. Because it basically sums up the tone of the entire musical.

Goodness, I love this musical. Harry is such a lovable douchebag, poor Hermione is always losing House points for the Gryffindors because she's so annoyingly smart, Ron eats junk food and acts like a frat boy the whole time, Voldemort has the HOTTEST BOD EVER, dear God I'm not even joking, and Draco is just pure win. That touching and posing thing you saw her do? Yeah, she does that the whole musical. It's hilarious.

Ugh, this musical is just so well done! They basically follow the plot of the entire series, but twist it in funny ways. They call attention to bemusing character quirks and plot devices found in the books that were obviously created to move the story along. Also, the girl who play Draco is awesome. WATCH THIS MUSICAL YO.

On a completely unrelated note, I bought a skirt at New York & Company. Every month I go down to the mall to use my NY&Co credit card and use whatever awesome coupon the gave me for making my last purchase. Then I pay off my credit card, and wait for the next month to redeem my next coupon. They give really good coupons, guys. The one I used today was a $15 off a purchase of $30 or more. So I bought a suit skirt, originally $50 for $35. It's white wool with gold thread woven in, really thick and warm. For next month they gave me a 3 option coupon: $10 off $30, $25 off $60, or $40 off $90. I think I'm going to go for the $40 off one, because if I play my cards right, I can basically get $100 worth of stuff for $50. Hopefully if I continue on in this way, I'll have completely replaced my old Delia's and Target college wardrobe with this professional one by next spring. I can look nice everyday without even trying because it's all I have!

My point is, ladies, if you're trying to build up your professional wardrobe, I HIGHLY recommend NY&Co.

Hmm, I might try reading chapter 4 of New Moon tonight. Maybe.