November 23rd, 2009

Catnik, Sewing

New Moon Pictures

One day, I will make a long post with actual content. About my life, and my job, and my insecurities, and my goals. But that day is not today. Today you get a funny convo between me and Jen, and pictures.

Jen: If you need me to, I'll open up multiple accounts. I'll even do them under different names!

Me: Jen, you can't do that. That's bad, that's really bad.

Jen: What? It's just...diversifying your financial portfolio, right?

Me: No, Sweety, that's just plain ol' fraud.


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I will say this: I enjoyed the movie. It was entertaining. Jacob never had a shirt on, which was AWESOME, and Edward was barely in it, which was AWESOME, and Bella was dumb so I had a lot of good laughs at her expense. The best part though, was that in the beginning, it was just me and Val and Kate and a few others openly laughing at the movie, but by the end, everyone was laughing. I like to think it's because we were there XD

I still have no desire to read the books. At least with the movies, the condoning of domestic abuse and of the belief that women are weak and inferior to men are glossed over. You're too busy oogling Jacobs rock hard abs to care that, in Stephanie Meyer's world, it's okay for men to hit their girlfriends if they're werewolves. It's cool, ya'll! She made me angry, so I scarred up her face with my werewolf claws but it not my fault cos I was SO ANGRY and I just couldn't control the animal within meeeeee!

Whatever, Jacob is sexy.