December 24th, 2010

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Me: WOOHOO It came on time! *runs to door*  Thank you, Mr. FedEx man!
FedEx Man:  Merry Christmas!
Me: Nuuuuuu.  Is not for you to see!
Dad: But, I just want to seeeeee
Me: Aaaah stay away! *Runs up the stairs to Eric's room* Eric!  Hide the package!
Eric: Ahhh wtf?  Why'd you bring it into my room?
Dad: *Running up the stairs* Paaaackaaaage for meeeee
Me: *throws package into Eric's closet* Close the door!  Closethedoorclosethedoor!
Eric: It doesn't have a lock, he'll just get inside!
Dad: *Pushing against the door* Just lemme see how big it is!  It's for me, right?  LEMME SEE.
Me and Eric: *Trying to push the door close* Stay away!
Intense door-pushing battles ensues for a whole 45 seconds!  There is much screaming and laughing
Eric: This is stupid!  Everyone get out of my room; I want to play video games.
Dad: *Pouts but goes back to the TV room*
Me: *Sneaks box into my room and wraps it*

Ah, tis the season.