April 7th, 2011

Catnik, Sewing

Do Re Mi

*Ring Ring*

Daddy:  Wtf, hello to you too?

Audition is tomorrow at 8:30 and lasts until 3pm.  This college is serious business yo.  Chi's coming with me as my 'parent,' partly for emotional support and partly because parents get to attend conferences about financial aid and stuff like that, while us freshmen hopefuls take music theory exams and piano placement exams.  And it's like, dude.  Some of us don't have parentals to fund out college education.  Us students need to know about scholarship and loan opportunities too.  So Chi's going to sit in on it for me and take notes.

Providing they let her in and stuff.

So I'm not nervous yet.  I haven't been sleeping well this past week, so I think that's how my nervousness is manifesting itself.  I'm sure I'll have a freak-out moment RIGHT before I go into to sing, which is what I do whenever I have to perform nowadays.  I used to not have stage fright funnily enough.  I developed it after high school, and now my fear of, I guess failing on stage?  Is bad enough that I've been known to pass out.

What helps is knowing that there are a lot of people close to me that are rooting for me.  Not just because they love me and want me to succeed, but because they think I'm actually good.  My voice teacher had some pretty nice things to say about me in her recommendation letter, which is really nice.  My mom always said my voice sounds like a bell, very clear and bright.  My voice teacher wrote almost the exact same thing in her letter, along with concrete details about my skills, not just "she's a hard worker" or generic comments like that.

Sooooo yes.  When this is all over I can breathe again.  Prepare for Acen, plan the end of the year play, try my hand at selling stuff on Etsy.

But for now, sleep.