August 14th, 2011

Catnik, Sewing

Shopping is Gross

 I tried on 8 pairs of jeans today, and was reminded why I never go jean shopping.  I had to text my dad after and apparently my texts were so distraught sounding that he called to make sure I was all right.  Shopping is gross.  And I have to try again tomorrow night because I never did find my jeans.

School starts tomorrow.  I'm so excited to see my kiddies again.  I attended Open House of Friday so parents could sign their kids up for our program and it was so wonderful to see how eager the students were to sign up (for the first time or again!)  We're already full to almost maximum capacity and some of my favorites haven't shown up yet!  I need my kiddies to come back; I have Big Things planned this year!  Yes, it involves a Kpop medley dance routine.  DUH.