August 31st, 2011

Catnik, Sewing

La la la!

I had my first voice lesson today.  I also skipped choir, but that was because my voice teacher apparently gets carried away/ doesn't watch the clock, so I was 15 minutes late for class by the time we were done so I was like "eff this" and went home.  I'm sure the choir director noticed I was missing as I'm the only black girl, but eh.  I studied my music to make up for missing class!

Point is, my voice teacher is AWESOME and she had me sing my French audition song and she liked it and now wants me to sing AS MANY FRENCH SONGS AS POSSIBLE.  So I get to buy an ANTHOLOGY of French songs.  Or maybe just songs in general, I can't tell from the title she wrote down for me.  ALSO I can sing to a low B flat which is apparently impressive, BUT she's going to have me sing a lot of high songs?  My other voice teacher did that to me too, and it makes me wonder.  I thought about it, and I think maybe it's because I have a very good low voice for CHOIR, but a good high voice for SOLO.  Yes, there is a difference.

Nothing else new going on.  The kiddies is crazy, but I still love that job so much.  My music theory class is hilariously annoying because of one boy, this idiot boy, who's taking the class as non-major fine arts credit and he's so.  So.  Dumb.  And awkward.  He talks too much about nothing and we're only on chapter 2 because the prof has to keep stopping to answer another one of his RIDICULOUS questions.

Anyway, that's it.