September 12th, 2011

Catnik, Sewing

All is Well

Chi: *Bursts into my room* Christy.  Pottermore is sending out more welcome emails
Me: *asleep* Yeah, they're sending them continuously now.  For the next two weeks
Chi: ...I just got mine
Chi: You should check your email
Me: WHUT. *Checks* HOMFG
Chi: I'll take that as a yes

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On a real life note, my car is fixed and my Sunday job has been deleted.  I've offered up my services as a weekend shift leader at the cafe instead, since I can't be a server for a buffet that no longer exists.  If it goes through, which it probably will since the cafe manager currently works everyday of the week since he has no shift leaders to cover for him, I will officially have no life.  School and teaching job during the weekdays, homework at night, and cafe job on the weekends.  BUT!  At least I'll be able to afford health insurance!  And save up for when taxes are due and ACEN and my cosplay idea.

On a random note, I HATE lj posting set-up, it's SO MUCH HARDER for me to post now for some reason.  I have to html my cuts now cos they don't work on rich text, and my fonts MAGICALLY change themselves mid sentence.  UGH.