September 28th, 2011

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Silly Pottermore update: My other Pottermore account was finally confirmed.  Took the Sorting Test, which had a whole new batch of questions.  Yep, still Slytherin.

School Update:  Our first choir concert is next Monday.  I'm neither excited nor am I dreading it.  Our choral dresses are a tasteful A-line, empire-waist, made out of some kind of shiny material, but a black chiffon overlay completely masks the sheen.  They are made suuuuper long, so Chi helped me hem mine last night, and tonight I'm hemming the dress of one of the sopranos who picked up her dress last minute and couldn't find a seamstress.  We're singing 5 songs: Latin, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and English.  It took a while to get used to the fact that we're just expected to learn all these songs on our own basically.  Our director doesn't work through the songs with us sectionally, it's more like "ready, and sing!" and we just go until we're so lost we have to stop.  I now know I'll have to work on the songs at home if I want to become a strong choir member.  Us altos are a bit timid, and I'd like to be able to contribute more to our sound.  Alto Power!

Speaking of voice parts, my voice instructor declared me to be a soprano today.  She said I have a very clear, youthful-sounding soprano voice, but because I've sung alto and tenor for so long, I'm afraid of the high range.  To test this, she's given me a new French song to sing, one that goes high AND low.  She said she's really going to start pushing my high voice, since the notes are RIGHT THERE, she can hear them when I sing my scales, they're just shy and rarely used.  I'll never have that booming operatic soprano voice, but I think that's what my instructor LIKES about my voice.  I'm going to start practicing more at home, see if I can push surprise her (and myself) with just how good a soprano I can be.

Still gonna stay an alto/ tenor in ensembles though.  I LIKE my manly low notes tyvm.

Health Update: Still have hives.  They don't show up unless I scratch, and I can ignore the itching during the day for the most part.  In the evenings though the itching becomes IMPOSSIBLE to ignore and I have to scratch scratch scratch until my skin is red and burning and covered in welts.  Benadryl  helps I think, or at least I BELIEVE it should help so it feels like it's helping.  I realize I have to start taking better care of myself.  Sleeping more, drinking more water.  My voice instructor explained all the different ways a voice can be affected, and it was kind of eye-opening.  It's a wonder I haven't damaged my voice yet.  I talk too low.  Didn't even know that was possible!  And my allergies are affecting my high range, which is probably why I've always thought I couldn't sing high.  Not sleeping makes my voice tired the next day, and I strain it even further by not drinking enough water and talking a lot.  

Speaking of tired voices, I'm head teacher and it's pirate week and I've been yelling up a storm.  The kids are having fun, but I think I'm going to have to be chill today.  My voice is tired, my body is tired, my brain is tired.

That's all for now.