November 11th, 2011

Catnik, Sewing

Musical Update

My life next semester:

Music Theory I
Musicianship I
Intermediate Piano
Voice Lessons
Recital Attendance

Those classes only add up to 10 credit hours.  And yet they each require just as much work as any 3 credit hour science class I took at SLU.  Insane, yes?

So, I have plateaued in voice lessons.  It's very frustrating and it fills me with a horrible panic-ey feeling that I know is doing nothing but making things worse.  I really, really, REALLY didn't think going back to school would be this much of an emotional roller-coaster.

On a happier, and also shallow note, I have been complimented by no less than 3 of my professors and half the girls in choir on my sense of fashion.  On the one hand I'm immensely flattered and pleased that people notice the way I dress.  On the other hand, I want to roll my eyes.  Freshmen!  You too can be just as stylin' as me!  Just don't wear sweatpants to class.

Two years ago today, my Uncle Jimmie passed suddenly and unexpectedly.  My mom died one month and one day later in a similar fashion.  Both of them were the youngest of the 5 siblings that make up the original core of my family.
I like to think they're both just kinda hanging out together in heaven, watching over us and waiting for the day when we'll all be together again.