lyrique86 (lyrique86) wrote,

Is this how it's supposed to wrok?

Sent in my resume to the French company.  Got a call FIVE MINUTES LATER asking when I can do a phone interview.  I was like O_o !!!!  And then she started asking me questions in French and I was like ?!!!!!???  But I answered them as best I could.  She seemed satisfied.

Ugh, I hate interviews.  You can't help but get your hopes up, but you really shouldn't because they don't mean anything.  I'm already excited, but I know I need to calm down; an interview in the adult world doesn't automatically mean you've got the job , I know, but for me that's actually what it used to mean.  Being rejected is...a new concept for me.  I gotta start getting used to it.

I guess I should go practice my French this weekend...

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