lyrique86 (lyrique86) wrote,

Because Slytherin-ey Goodness Makes It All Better

Chi: *Watching me sew* So you finished your Harry Potter lolita design then?
Chi:'re just making it up as you go along.
Me: Yeeees.
Chi: Lol.  That works too.

I think this will call for a specifically-made petticoat to ensure maximum and even poofage.  And I foresee this skirt taking much more time than I'm assuming it'll take, as I've already spent a good 6 hours on it total (sewing pleat-thingies at the waist and pleating the ruffles), and it doesn't even have shirring or a zipper yet.

Don't mind the janky Slytherin emblem; that's a reject shirt patch I made years ago while trying to figure out how to use printable fabric correctly.  I just wanted to get an idea of how it will kinda look when it's all done...


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