lyrique86 (lyrique86) wrote,

Science Rules My Life

So I just washed my hair, and as a at-home-hair-care procedure, I doused my hair in a mixture of virgin olive oil,  Doo-Gro hair serum, and Garnier conditioner, and slapped a shower cap over my head to let it all stew for an hour or so.  Of course, something HAD to go wrong.

Me: I have oil in my eeeeeyes!
Roommate: Are you okay?
Me: Yeah;, it doesn't hurt, but everything's all blurry.
Roommate: Rinse your eyes with cold water.
Me: I diiiiid, but it's still all blurry!
Roommate: Keep rinsing!
Me: But oil's not POLAR!!
Roommate: What, you want to rinse with detergent?  Be my guest.
Me: ...Shut up.  Stupid lipids.

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