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So Much Has Happened

Yesterday, my current roommate, my new roommate, and I signed a lease for our new apartment.  It was almost an impulsive decision; we've only looked at 2 other places, though we did have a pretty long list of places we were interested in.  For those of you familiar with STL, the apartment building is located in the Central West End area.  You know those streets with all the pretty brick houses and stone cathedrals and ornate iron gates and big, shady trees?  Yeah, we live there now.  We're pretty excited.  And, if we're honest with ourselves, we're more impressed with the AREA than we are of the actual apartment.  The apartment is nice and spacious enough with lots of windows.  It's got hardware floors, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room and dining room,and the pantry is the size of a walk-in closet.  We have our own washer and dryer and we don't have to take out our own trash.  The more I think about it, the more I'm realizing that it's a very, very nice apartment.  But again, the area is phenomenal, the kind of place where little old ladies feel safe enough to walk the streets at any and all hours of the day and night, where I feel completely confident parking my car on the street with all my CD's and my GPS still inside.

The problem is that Preethi has her Boards exam on the 17th, which means she's freaking out and studying 14 (this is not an exaggeration) hours a day everyday except Sunday.  We're allowed to start moving in the 15th, which means we need to start sorting through 2 apartments worth of stuff and try to pack it all up.  We need to do this soon; the longer we wait, the less likely Preethi will be willing to skip a day of studying.  (She NEEDS to pass this exam.  If she doesn't pass, she can't "graduate" from med school).  So this Saturday we're getting together to work out what we need to keep, what we need to throw away, what can we pack up now.  WHICH MEANS MY SO-CALLED FREE SATURDAY IS NO LONGER FREE.  I'm annoyed, but I understand this needs to be done asap.  After Saturday, Preethi will basically lock herself in the library for the next week and a half, and it'll be up to me and Cathy to begin packing and moving, so we need to figure all this out while Preethi is around.

Another problem is that I still don't have a "real" job, but I just signed a year-long lease.  Basically, Ive agreed that, if worse comes to worse, I'm willing to work at the cafe for another year.  Boooooo.

Slytherin lolita has encountered a snag.  I decided to "fix" my Slytherin tie from my previous Harry Potter costume so that it would look less like a novelty costume piece, and more like a real tie.  Long story short, my tie does not look like tie right now, more like a long piece of green and silver striped  fabric.  Boooooo

I'm thinking, since I'm going to be hurting for cash in the next few months, that I'll try my hand and selling some of my wares.  Petticoats to be exact  because petticoats use inexpensive materials, but are time-consuming enough to make that I can charge a decent price for them.  They'll keep me occupied so I won't have time to go out shopping or spending money all willy-nilly.  Also, they don't require a lot of hemming and finished edges, which I would have to worry about if I were making dresses and skirts.  And with no serger as of yet, I live in constant fear that I'll overwork my sewing machine trying to hem stitch my yards and yards of ruffles.  I think petticoats will sell better than handmade clothes anyway.  Not all lolitas like the same styles, but we do agree that we all need poofage.

Today is the last day of school, the last day I'll see my kids for a 3 months.  Some I'll never see again because they're 5th graders and will be moving on to middle schools and junior highs.  I'm going to miss them terribly.  I hope I don't cry today when the last one leaves.  Yesterday, one of our problem children, a 5th grader named Skylar who we haven't seen for months and who claimed to hate everything about our program when he was there, stopped by righ after school.  He beckoned me over, whispered "thank you" in my ear, gave me a big hug, and then ran away.  I felt all warm and fuzzy for the rest of the evening.  I didn't think I'd done much to influence him.  I couldn't discipline him because he's just as tall as me and so never saw me as a threat.  He never listened to me when I told him to do his homework unless I was bribing him with a reward or dressed in lolita (which I always thought was odd, but cute).  And he never sought me out unless it was to talk about Batman or video games (that's how I win over all the older boys.  They think it's cool that Ms. Christy knows about DBZ and can quote lines from Family Guy).  I guess just letting him be himself was enough.  I'm touched that he appreciated and understoon that I really did care about him not because it's my job to, but because it's how I am.

So many of these kids have less than stellar home lives.  I worry what will happen to them in between the time they leave for summer and the time I see them again.

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