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LJ Dump

  1. Thank you, everyone, for your input on the headshots.  It was really helpful!
  2. Audition happened, and I am totally fine.  It seriously took, like, 2 minutes (AND they had me audition 30 minutes before my time slot), and I was pretty nervous, and they just STARED at me the whole was unnerving.  But whatever, it's DONE and I'm proud of myself for not flaking out like I usually do when I'm too scared to try something new and going through with it.  Regardless of the outcome, I am content with how today went.  Also, THANK YOU VAL for saving my butt and finding me some sheet music, and then hanging out with me for the rest of the day to keep me distracted from over-analyzing the audition.
  3. Wednesday we get the keys to our new apartment.  Wednesday I get to choose which room in our new apartment will be MINE.  Holy crap, my own room!  I haven't had my own room since freshman year of college.  No, my room in Kansas does not count.  I hardly ever get a chance to go home anyway.  I can't wait to start decorating.  Think Fairy Princess.  Hells yeah.
  4. Thursday I go to visit relatives.  I'm so excited.  And I'm TOTALLY wearing lolita when we go to Disney World.
  5. Between me working everday for 8 or 9 hours, and my roommate studying from 8AM to 10PM everyday, our apartment is a pigsty.  Neither of us has had time or energy to clean, and it's kind of gross.  Although we haven't used our kitchen since, like, last Sunday, we still have dishes FROM LAST WEEK in our sink that have yet to be cleaned.  I really don't want to take the time to straighten up our apartment; this is my first day off and I really want to just VEG, but needs musts and all that jazz.  I'll do the kitchen, put away my clothes, and organize the mountain that is a month's worth of our recyclables
  6. Last Monday I went home to get half of my cavities done.  It sucks that I have SO MANY CAVITIES that they can't do them all in one sitting.  It also sucks that none of them were my fault, and they expect it will happen again sometime in the future.  My teeth have really deep grooves in them; my toothbrush just CANNOT get into all the cracks.  When I was younger, they filled the tops of my molars to prevent me from getting cavaties in the cracks there, but they did nothing about the cracks and grooves all along the sides of my molars.  I complained about sensitivity to sweet for a good 6 years before the cavaties finally were big enough and numerous enough to show up.  Seriously, I haven't eaten candy since before high school.  I'm not joking.  It hurt too much to chew sweet things, so I stopped eating candy and fudge and chocolate.  ANYWAY, today I ate a piece of chocolate for the first time in YEARS.  Like, I bit into it and chewed (usually I have to sit it in my mouth and roll it around with my tongue while I wait for it to melt) and it was AMAZING.  No pain!  And a few days earlier, I nommed on a brownie!  I've never been able to nom a brownie!  I can't wait to eat a twix; those used to be my favorite when I was little.  Now I rinse my mouth out with prescription flouride everynight so I can KEEP eating all the sugary things I missed out on as a teenager.
  7. I made an epic poofy petticoat.  It can handle being under my heavy Hogwarts skirt and still provide awesome poofage.  It's been hanging out on my dress form under the skirt for like, 2 weeks now, and it's STILL ultra poofy.  I LOVE IT!
  8. Time to go clean.

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