lyrique86 (lyrique86) wrote,

Almost Done

I am, for the most part, all moved in to my new apartment.  I still have some boxes in the bathroom and kitchen to unload, but that'll take me an hour tops.  My room is set up, but I have so much stuff!  I'm currently using boxes as storage until I can get my hands on a dresser and a bookcase.  I didn't need that in the other apartment; it was just the 2 of us and we treated every room like it was our bedroom.  Here, the dining room and living room are the 'common areas,' so we're trying hard to keep our personal stuff out of those spaces.  Which means 2 years of stuff spread out amongst 2 rooms and 2 closets, must now fit in one.  I'm glad my room is a decent size, or else I'd really be hurting.

All my Gackt posters are gone, even the one I intended to save.  I guess it got lost in the move.  I still have the portrait a friend drew for me, and my desktop background is a picture of him, but still.  I know it's time to grow out of this obsession, but I don't think I'm ready.  Throwing away those posters, and then not being able to find the one I saved--I'm much more upset than I should be, I think.

Tomorrow I'm going home.  My cafe doesn't have me on the schedule at all this week, so why not visit my parents for a few days?  It's annoying though; because I was on vacation last week, and I got no hours this week, I made less than $500 in this entire month.  My rent alone is $350, and I still have health insurance, utilities, and student loans to cover.  I'm thankful that I have a little bit saved up from my after-school job.  I'm going to quit the cafe when the school year starts back up.  Until I get to go back to teaching, I'll just tough it out at the cafe and live off my savings if need be.  I think I have enough to last me through summer.

When I go home, I'm going to sit down with my parents and get them to help me write up a budget.  I'm pretty good at saving-up, if only because I LOVE having a nest-egg, and I'm accostumed to having a lot of money at my disposal so I save like a fiend.  BUT I also spend like one too.  I just bought another pair of shoes (I had committed to buying them months ago, so I had to pay for them), and during the move I was forking out money every night to eat out since I couldn't and wouldn't cook.  I also had to buy things for the new place, and two of my closest friends have their birthdays in July, and then I promised one friend I'd drive to Chicago with her next weekend, Harry Potter is coming up and I have to finish my costume, I'm going to 6 Flags in like, 30 minutes, and driving home this week will cost a fair amount...I need to stop DOING things.  I think in August, I will do nothing to compensate for all the doing I'm doing in July.  I think a budget would really help me in situations like this.

Speaking of doing things, I need to get ready for 6 Flags now.  Well, there goes $30.

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