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So as all of you know by now because I totally told you like 2 weeks ago yes I did totally, I got a job.  It's nothing fancy, and it's definitely not something I'd make a career out of, but it will help pay the bills and it's 10 times better than the cafe.  AND the starting pay is $1.50 more than what I get paid now.  Ladies and gents, you are now looking at the new part-time teller for the Lindell branch US Bank.

I'm actually kind of excited; the people there seem really nice, and we get customers from all walks of life.  PLUS I get to dress up everyday.  So of course the first thing I did was drop some cash on a new, more professional wardrobe.  I just have a starter wardrobe; 4 pairs of trousers, 4 skirts, and enough blouses to last a week, but I'll buy as time goes on.  I thank my mom for demanding she buy me a suit a few years back; I wore that to my first interview, and I really think that made a good impression.  My mom has really good taste in work attire.

Mostly, I'm excited to be rid of the cafe.  It's getting harder and harder to get up and go to work.  Some days I feel like just calling in and faking sick, or hell, not even calling in at all and just not showing up.  I'd never ACTUALLY do that...that's just irresponsible and immature, but the fact that I'd like to and think about doing it speaks loudly about how I feel about my current work situation.  I think I'm just getting really bitter about the whole thing.  For one, there's a 19-year-old now running around, being the new manager.  She's 4 years younger than me and gets paid $2 more than me.  I had the wonderful task of teaching her how the cafe is run.  If your employee can teach your new managers what they need to know to be managers, why don't you just promote that employee??  You'd rather have to go through the hassle of training someone outside of the company to do a job most of us already know how to do, and can do it BETTER since we've been doing it for TWO FUCKING YEARS?! She can't even serve alcohol and you leave her alone during Happy Hour. AND THEN the owner hires a bunch of free labor, forces our manager to kick the real employees to the curb for a few months, and expects us not to be upset?  I am now in $400 in debt on my credit card because of what that man did.  I was not making enough money to live.  For 2 months.  My savings are all gone now and that fills me with rage.  I worked SO HARD to grow that nest egg, and it's ALL GONE.

Derailed for a moment.  ANYway, Wednesday I go to the main office to get fingerprinted, and the 17th is orientation.  In between that I have the first meeting for the after-school program, and Open House to attend.  I'm really happy the bank is willing to work around my schedule.  I specifically said I'd be unwilling to quit that job for at least the next school year, as I'd already promised I'd be a teacher again.  That means I'll be working, like, everyday except Sunday.  I have a feeling I'm going to be very tired all the time.  But whatever I get to dress up everyday!  And most likely I'm going to get my first weave ever soon to ensure that my hair always looks good.  At least until my hair is long enough to pull back into a ponytail again.  Or braids.  Braids love me.

And when it gets cooler, I'm totally rocking the BURANDO

Lol, please excuse the do-rag.  THANKS AGAIN JESSIE!  And I have not forgotten I still owe you.

Also, when people ask for you to bring your SS card, can it be a copy of the card?  It just occured to me that my real card is in Kansas, but the bank told me to bring 2 forms of ID when I get fingerprinted, and all I have is my driver's license and a copy of my SS card.  It worked for the cafe, but will it work for something a bit more...prestigious?

If not, I'm gonna be making a quick trip back to Kansas 8 hour drive for 15 minutes of paperwork.

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