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Real Update

Lol, Mysterious Loli-Valentine Giver--- WHO ARE YOU??  You know Kate and Chi, but not me?  SO CURIOUS.

There were so many wonderful valentines!  I hope this trend continues, where there are just so many they can't all be contained in one post.  I loved scrolling through them; some of those pictures were BEAUTIFUL.  I feel the urge to sew rising up in me, and I haven't turned on my sewing machine it WEEKS.  Too tired and busy.

I finished me first week on the job, and I've got to say that I already love it.  The atmosphere is wonderfully laid back and friendly, and my coworkers are amazing.  All of the tellers are black women; I can seriously sit there and listen to them talk for hours.  It's just too entertaining.  It's like being in a Tyler Perry movie.  My manager is really nice too, and I feel I can go to him when I have problems.  They try to work with you, not penalize you when things go wrong.  I'm not just saying this because I work for them now--> U.S. Bank is an AMAZING company and I'm really excited to be apart of this team.  PLUS I QUALIFY FOR BENEFITS.  Holy shit, yo, I've got ACTUAL coverage now: health, dental, vision, THE WORKS.  I can't wait till October when my plan kicks in!  

There is a downside of course; I just spent my first week doing nothing but internet classes on banking.  Wow, banking is HARD and COMPLICATED.  There's a procedure for EVERYTHING.  I'm of course, retaining very little as I work my way through the web lessons, but they said it was okay.  I won't fully get it until I get my own drawer and start using the system.  Sometimes the other tellers let me use they're computers and I get to carry out transactions, and I found that they're right and it makes SO much more sense when I'm watching and doing instead of sitting there and reading about it.

I work every weekday from 7:30 till 2, and then go almost straight to the after school program and work there till 7 or so.  For some reason we've got a lot of little 1st graders and kindergartners enrolled this year.  As much as I love me the lil' 'uns, I DO NOT enjoy essentially playing nanny.  We already have 28 kids enrolled, and simply getting them to sit down in their seats when the bell rings is a chore.  Plus, this means I can't teach any of my lessons anymore.  What 6 year old can understand density?  I feel sorry for the few older kids we have; they LOVE my science lessons cos I let them conduct experiments and predicts results and everything.  If we can't find a way to divide the class up in some way, this year is going to be very challanging.

So that's what's up with me. 
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