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Preethu: So I always wondered: if you're an actor on Lifetime, does that even count?
Me: *Can't stop laughing*
Preethu: What?  It's a legitimate question!

I was looking through my old Xanga account, and I found this convo from like...December of 2007.  It's when I told me two fake sisters about my date with Jon.

Brittany: He asked you out?   On a DATE?!  Oh, this is great!
Tia: No, Brittany, this is NOT good.  I do NOT approve of this boy.  AT ALL.
Brittany: But he's cute!  And really sweet and awkward!
Tia: He does drugs!
Brittany: Oh, everyone does drugs
Brittany: Whatever, he's still cute!
Tia: He fucked Trish!  Is this not a cause for concern?
Christy: Yeah, but I bet everytime he had sex with Trish, he was thinking of ME
Christy: Whatev, Tia, it's not like we're getting married.  It's just a date.
Brittany: YOUR FIRST DATE! OMG, can I come over and take pictures?!
Christy: ...Uh...sure? OMG WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?
Tia: Nothing!  Because you're not going on this date!  I already told you I don't approve.
Christy and Brittany: But whyyyyyyy *whine whine*
Tia: Christy is of good stock!  She is a good girl!  This boy IS NOT OF GOOD STOCK
Christy: ...Like cattle?  Did you just call me a cow?

Annnd one when we were having trouble with our phone line and kept getting collect calls from guys in jail:

Me: Um...have you called this number before?
Inmate: No, this is my first time calling.  Who're you?
Me: I'm Alice.
Inmate: You live on the north side?
Me: No, I just go to school here.
Inmate: Oh? What school you go to?
Me: ...WashU
Inmate: Oh really?  I took some classes once down there at St. Louis U.
Me: Oh...that's great...
Inmate: How long you been going to WashU, Alice?
Me: Oh, this is my first year.
Inmate: Do you live here?
Me: No.
Inmate: Where you from?
Me. ...Nigeria.
Inmate: What?
Me: Massachusetts.
Inmate: Oh. *Makes some reference to Massachusetts that I don't understand*
Me: Eheheh, yeah....
Preethi: *Mouthing* Is this a collect call?
Me: *Mouthing back* Yeah, doesn't this cost money?
Preethi: *Vigorous nod*
Inmate: So Alice, you got a boyfriend over there at WashU?
Me: No.  Because I'm a lesbian.  And I'm going to get off now because this call is costing me money.  I hope you find the person you were originally trying to contact. *Click*

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