lyrique86 (lyrique86) wrote,

Mind Over Matter?

My roommate, Preethu, can literally talk herself out of being sick.  One day she'll have the tremors, a fever of 102, and severe congestion, and the next day she'll be perfectly fine.  All because she told herself to get better.  I'm not making this up, and she's not faking at feeling better; she really does have this magical power.

Fortunately, having lived with her for so long, I am slowly but surely aquiring this power as well.  I can talk myself out of a cold now, as long as the virus doesn't fester in any of my weak spots (nose and lungs).

THE POINT IS I've had this cough for 8 days now, and it has gotten neither better nor worse.  It's just...lingering.  Which is VERY bad.
Asthma and allergies+ a persistant, deep, hacking cough= BAD BAD BAD.  I'm PRETTY sure I have bronchitis, and need to go to the doctor.  I think I'll let Preethu give me a check up, but the problem is I know my bronchitis is caused by a virus and there's no medecine for viruses.  The most a doctor can do is prescribe me some steroids to keep my lungs strong until my body fights off the infection.

Crap I can't get sick!  I haven't earned any sick days at work yet; I'm still too new.  And I don't think my wicked awesome health insurance of WIN kicks in for another 60 days.  My hands are shaking, my body hurts from coughing for literally a week straight, and I'm having to use my inhaler every few hours just to breathe properly.

I'm pushing myself too much, that's the main problem.  I work 30 hours at the bank and 20 hours at the school, and obviously my body can't take it.  But dammit, it's going to have to because I'll be doing this until at next May.  Dude, I can't afford to be sick all the time!

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