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I went to the leasing office today because I KNEW they had my package and just weren't telling me.  Lo and behold, I was right!

The package was pretty huge.  Don't they usually ship things in teeny tiny boxes? And so I opened it...

And it's all nicely wrapped in pretty pink tissue paper.  But what's that underneath?

An AatP shopping bag!  What am I supposed to do with that?  Who cares, it's awesome!  So then underneath that...

MORE PINK TISSUE PAPER.  There was also plastic wrap, but by this time I was getting impatient and ripped that stuff right off.

Laid out in all its glory.  This color really is hard to photograph.  With the flash it's got pink undertones to it, and without flash looks almost blue.  But it's really neither!

The corset lacing in the front is NOT flattering.  I'm gonna take it out.

The back

Without a petticoat.

The skirt is not very wide; even with the petticoat it doesn't poof much.  And I'm totally fine with that.  Also, it's not made of cotton.  It's something thicker, and the weaving is really obvious, if that makes any sense.  Again, not complaining, just pointing things out that I didn't notice in the stock photos.

So I was so excited I didn't want to take the skirt off, and kind of pranced around the apartment with it on.  Then I decided I was hungry and made me a sandwich.  Then I saw I'd dropped RED RED RED tomato seeds on the front of the skirt..  I called my mom, but she just laughed her head off at me and called me dumb.  She laughed even harder when I admitted you can't even SEE the stain, I was just upset to be upset.

So note to all of you: Don't make sandwiches in your burando.

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