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Overdue Update

There's only like, two weeks until Halloween and my costume is nowhere near finished.  I feel no motivation to finish it either.  I'm tired every. Freaking. Day.  I decided I was going to be the Green Fairy, picked a Vogue pattern to base the costume off an everything.  But Vogue is HARD, and I'm too tired and inexperienced to take the necessary time to fiddle around with this complicated pattern.  Back to the drawing board, I guess.

I might get to go home this weekend.  There's no school on Friday, which mean I'm off work by 2, and I'm not scheduled to work on Saturday for once.  So if I so wished, I could drive home Friday afternoon, and then drive back to STL Sunday afternoon.  I have to go home anyway; Dad says we have car stuff to discuss.

On a happier, hobby related note, I'm already planning my costume for the final Harry Potter movie premiere.  I only have 2 more chances to be totally more awesome than everyone else at the theater, and honey, I am going go All.  The. Way.  FOR EXAMPLE, I'm going to design my fabric.  Slytherin green plaid....With silver snakes on it!  Or something.  The point is, I'm going to get it made and then make my outfit out of it.  And I already know I'm making my little Gryffindor boy an outfit to match.  Red plaid with gold lions?  Whatver, it's going to be awesome because he's just as excited about his outfit as I am.  In a perfect world where I have friends that care enough, and I have time enough, I'd make outfits for ALL the Houses, and then we'd have a GIANT PHOTOSHOOT and the tagline would be: The DA: An attack on Hogwarts is an attack on all of us.  OR OR!  Hogwart's Army--Fuck you, Dumbledore.

Because, it still makes me so angry that there were no Slytherins in the DA.  I'm sorry, but that doesn't make a lick of sense.

I honestly don't know what I want to be for Halloween.  As excited as I am for the actual day, I'm not at all excited for my costume.  And that's the most important thing!  I have all this green fabric left over from my other fairy costume...and the idea of being the Green Fairy made me smile, and my trick-or-treat partner cackle with glee.  But then, anything alcohol or drug related makes her happy.

I dunno.  Suggestions?
Tags: costumes, harry potter, real life

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