lyrique86 (lyrique86) wrote,

I'm laughing so I won't cry

Yesterday was so hard to get through, I called the director after the last kid had been loaded onto the bus and told him I wouldn't be coming in the next day.  I still went to my bank job this morning, but come 2 o'clock I was at home and in my pj's ready to sleep the sleep of the very sick.

And wouldn't you know I can't sleep?

I tried, oh how I tried.  But I'm so used to being up and about this time of day, that I literally can't fall asleep.  I least I'm resting?

I was taking so many meds these past few days that my roommate finally said STOP and told me I couldn't take anymore or risk backlash symptoms.  So now I drip salt water down my nose (OOOOWWWW!) to relieve congestion and put warm cloths on my head for my headaches.  Booo I want drugs!

I don't work tomorrow morning, so that's good.  I can go to bed early tonight and sleep in tomorrow morning; it's almost like a full day off!  Yaaaay!

Man, I hope I'm better by this weekend;  I have serious Halloween-related errands to run.  And I still need to make my costume!
Tags: real life

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