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I've been feeling really icky this week.  Anxious, and kind of depressed.  It took me until just now to realize it's the same feeling I would get in college if I went for too long without doing something creative.  And now that I think about it, it HAS been a while since I did anything artsy.  In college I at least had choir rehearsal once a week, and I was always doing something with the costume shop in the theater department.

Sewing is my artistic outlet at the moment, and I haven't had a new project in a good three weeks.  I haven't had a succesful project in like2 or 3 months, so in that sense, I am sorely art deprived.

Also, and this is really sad, trying to read through New Moon is depressing and nerve-wrecking.  I just get so worked up over the sheer BADNESS of this plot.  It's not relaxing!  For once, I DON'T want to read, and I LOVE reading!

My mom says I need to stop trying out new patterns for a while, reuse some old one that I really liked so that I feel happy with my completed whatever.

 I think I'll start working on my safari lolita idea.  That fabric has been calling to me for ages...

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