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La La La Update

  • Last week was the end of my almost-full-time stint at work.  We've got a new girl coming in tomorrow, so I'm back down to 30 hours.  THANK GOD.
  • The kiddies have their winter holiday performance on the 14th.  I'm in charge of costumes and set, and I snatched up a few of the older students to be my henchmen this week as we try to put together 2 plays and 3 skits in a little over a week.  I told them they could use the younger students as minions, so they're excited to work for me.  Which is good, because we have to build a gingerbread house, and oven, a forest, and come up with costumes for a gingerbread man song where snowmen and bears and ponies and shiznit are chasing the gingerbread man for some reason.  It's a cute song, but it entails a button of costumes, and I only have a week, so I'm kind of annoyed that the teacher in charge of the song put so many characters into it.  Add on to that that I have a budget of about $50 or less, and I'm like 'grrrr why did you cast multiples of each animal???"  But my henchmen helped me work it out for the most part, and Brittany and I raided the dollar store last night, so all I have left to get is some cardboard boxes and brown t-shirts.  Plus, I'm lead teacher this week, so my activity everyday is going to be "help Ms. Christy and her henchmen build a house out of cardboard and cut out animal masks"
  • Taking out the boning in my Masquerade Theater jsk.  1.) It doesn't do anything as the boning isn't tight enough to actually shape the jsk to my form and 2.) the plastic is poking through the fabric and fraying it.  I didn't mind with my VR skirt since the weave of that fabric is so loose, the boning pokage wasn't causing any harm, but this jsk is made out of cotton sateen or something.  There are worn patches now where the boning rubbed against it.  It actually fits me better without the boning anyway.
  • Working on Jessie's skirt.  I've come up with about 5 different ideas and every time something prevents me from doing it.  Store doesn't have the fabric I want, or I can't find it in the color I want, OR my latest mishap: the black on the print doesn't match up with any other blacks.   So I'm kind of like 'grrrr!' and I've decided that simpler is better.  Finished over half of it today woohoo!
  • FOUND GREEN FABRIC WITH PEPPERMINT CANDY PIECES ON IT.  Gonna make a holiday jsk to wear to the kids' performance.  Since the theme is 'kids in candyland' I'll fit RIGHT in.
  • Petticoat making has come to a halt. bored.  I made 2, and another one is just missing the hem and waistband, but dangit these things are so tedious to make.  Christmas Break is the 17th and I don't go home till the 22nd, so I think I'll use that time to make some pettis.  If I feel like it.  No rush.
  • Thursday I have a meeting with the chair of the music dept.  Super excited.  This school is so awesome.
  • Just learned my credit card, which used to offer me points for spending money on it that I could then use to redeem for money or prizes, has DROPPED that program.  So the 6000 points I'd racked up this year?  ALL GONE.  With no way of getting them back.  Cathy got hit even harder; she'd racked up the equivalent of $300 in points and now it aaaaaallll goooooone.  So yeah, currently looking for a new credit card company.  Anyone have any favorites?
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