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Life Goes On

At first, I was mortally wounded that I probably won't be able to afford this:

But then, I remembered I had this:

Which, yeah, isn't the same thing, but the only reason I like the AatP jsk is because it's got a music theme.  So I'll just make my own.  I think I want it to have a steampunk feel to it.  I haven't worn steampunk loli in a while.

Yesterday, the kiddies had their winter performance.  Kids got rowdy and uncooperative, 5th graders threw tantrums and kindergartners couldn't sit still, and I got to follow through on my "IF YOU ACT UP I WILL KICK YOU OUT OF THE PLAY NO IF ANDS OR BUTS THE END" ultimatum on a few students, which always makes me smile.  I ended up kicking two kids out of one of the plays (one of them being one of the lead characters, but he was easily replaced bwahaha), and I got to take away some props from two other students.  Oh, and at the end of it all, it was up to us three teachers to break down the set, clean up the cookie crumbs and juice boxes, and put aaaalll the chairs away.  It was probably one of the mostunnecessarily stressful experiences of my life, but it's done, and I don't have to worry about a repeat experience until May when we do an end of the year performance. The rest of this week is do-whatever-idc, as Friday is the last day before Christmas Break.

Speaking of Christmas, I have not gone gift shopping.  At all.  I've literally had no time.

Got to see Jen last weekend, which was nice.  My brother is going to spend more time at home for the holidays since he got that new job, which is nice.  My daddy and I are going to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra after Christmas, which will be nice.

I'm pretty sure I had more to write about, but this is my off day from the bank, and I'm feeling wonderfully lazy.
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