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Need Some Help

My friends sometimes give me grief about my baby bro.  The stories I tell about him are not very flattering if you don't know the boy well.  But he really is a sweet, caring guy; he just tends to show his affection in an unorthodox way.

Case in point: My brother came up with a really good Christmas gift for our dad; a professional photo of just me and him.  We haven't had a family picture since I was back in college, and my brother and I haven't had our picture taken together since we were really young.  I'm pretty sure the pictures of us he has in his office at work are from waaay back during high school, so he's due for an update.  It's a really sweet idea, and I was very impressed with him for coming up with it.

Now, my brother intends to wear his pilot uniform.  It makes sense; my dad's an aviation engineer, and my bro flies planes.  And at first I had intended to wear one of my lolita outfits.  But then I thought for a moment and realized that wasn't such a good idea.  Though my dad doesn't outright dislike lolita, he's not too fond of it either, and this picture is about what he likes about us, not what we like about ourselves. 

So I had a mini panic attack at the mall because, holy crap I don't have ANY IDEA WHAT TO WEAR, so I called my friend Tia and she was all "Get something classy and fun.  You're dad likes it when you look grown-up, and you like wearing dresses. Run with that."

So I did.  Or attempted to.  And now I need your help, because I bought these yesterday, and they're SUPER CUTE in person, but I don't know if they translate well to photo.  I don't regret buying them because the whole purchase was under $50, but if it turns out none of these work, well, I guess I'll have to raid my closet for something.  SO HELP!  Tell me what you think of these.

First one. I like the color, but I'm afraid it might be too trendy.  It's also a shift dress; that belt is just a piece of lace I tied under my boobs XD

I'm assuming the bottom half of me won't matter too much, so I'm mostly concerned that the sleeves will look weird in the picture.

Trying to get a more accurate picture of the color.  It also comes in navy!

I promise these look really cute on me in person.  It was only after I bought them I started to consider whether they'd look good on camera.

Tia said I should look for something classic, but still distinctly me.  So I found this.  Simply cut but brightly colored.  But also maybe too sexy for a photograph with your brother for you dad?

My so big.

So what do ya'll think?  Do any of these work?  Did I completely miss the mark?  Ugh, I'm so out of practice with shopping for NORMAL clothes -_-

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