lyrique86 (lyrique86) wrote,

Life Goes On

Yes, I spent the entire weekend grumpy and depressed, but I'm over it.  For the most part.  Anyway, it's time to concentrate on real life again, seeing as I'm about to get hit right in the face with it in just a few weeks.

School, school, school.  Things are falling into place but SLOWLY, and it's setting me on edge.  I have a music theory placement exam to take sometime in August and I have only begun really studying.  If I don't pass the exam, I'll be enrolled in remedial theory, setting my degree back a whole semester.  On top of that, I don't even know what books I'm supposed to be buying, my loans have yet to be applied to my tuition bill (which only just got posted TODAY, for goodness sake.  What took them so long?), and I'm fairly sure I need to get some sort of commuter's meal plan or something.  I hope to have answers for all of this by the end of the week.

Work.  Sucks. Balls.  I need to quit.  The idea of quitting is both exciting and terrifying.  I've played with the idea of asking to be a seasonal employee so I can come back over the summer, but the thought of coming back to this place fills me with a kind of rage.  This is the worst job I've ever had, and it all boils down to piss-poor management.  True, being a cashier at Price Chopper as a teenager was even more dull and mindless, but the managers there never guilt-tripped me into not going to my own mother's memorial ceremony.  This week I intend to talk to my manager and turn in my two weeks notice.  I want to leave on a good note, even if I do hate the place.

I recently had to get my car worked on.  It was basic stuff, the car has a lot of miles on it, and routine maintenance takes munnies.  Over $1300 in fact.  Oh, and then my tire blew out on the highway coming back from KC, so getting a new one set me back an additional couple hundred.  I am so freaking broke.  I'm just going to keep throwing my tip money onto my credit card bill until I can get it down to a reasonable amount again.  No more frivolous spending and spontaneous trips once school starts.  I have to SAVE.  For Christmas presents, and Acen, oil changes, and trips back home.  Fortunately (or unfortunately?) my teaching job spring break and Webster spring break are during two different weeks, so I couldn't even be tempted to throw money at a spring break trip even if I wanted to.  Yay?

So I have a lot on my plate.  No time for moping around because Harry Potter is over.  Forever.  10 years of my life.  Done.  UGH
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