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We Don't Need No Education

  • Classes are over until the Jan. 16.  The kiddies get Winter Break from Dec 21- Jan. 5 or so.  I might work at the cafe weekday mornings for those two weeks in January to get some extra moolah in my pocket. 
  • The birthday job will be nice.  For about the same pay as working at the cafe for a day, I can work less hours and have a bit more fun.  I have a ~*fashionista*~ birthday to host after Christmas that sounds pretty fun.
  • That 'Keep Your Head Up' by Andy Whatshisface is my new jam.  Every time I look at my credit card bill (which is homg SO HIGH right now, fuck you car for breaking down TWICE in one semester) I sing the song in my head and it makes me feel better.
  • I have come to the conclusion that my idea of budgeting is ALL.  WRONG.  My New Year's Resolution will be finding a method of budgeting that works for me and actually stick to it.  I also want a flat stomach and firm booty by ACEN.
  • My dad approves and encourages my over-working.  Every time I tell him another one of my friends thinks I should consider cutting back on the weekends I work at the cafe, or quit a job altogether, he scoffs and says "Yeah, but they're not paying for school." and then I go "I KNOW RIGHT?" and when I mention my wanting to pick up more hours at the cafe he always agrees it's a good idea.  So.  Now ya'll know where I get it.  IT'S NOT MY FAULT, I WAS RAISED THIS WAY.  Or something.
I have not done my fair share of cleaning in the apartment for probably months.  I owe Chi so many vacuumed carpets and clean toilets and mopped floors.
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