lyrique86 (lyrique86) wrote,

If I went to Hogwarts

Music Theory: Astronomy  On the surface it sounds easy, until you open your book and realize, holy crap, there are numbers and charts and lots of intense note-taking.  Everything builds upon everything else, so if you understand A and C, but not B, you're kind of fucked.

Choir: Potions  Either you get it or you don't.  You can't practice in class; you have to study the book in the library until you've memorized all the directions and, in theory, know what you're doing.  Then you come to class and pray you leave having created something acceptable.  And if you get stuck with an incompetent partner...ho boy.

Piano: Transfigurations  The teacher shows you the right finger placements and movements, and then you practice, practice, practice.  In class the next day, you show her what you've accomplished and you're graded according to that success.

Private Voice Lessons: DADA  Here, you learn how to be a badass.  You're learning all the tricks. learning how to be awesome at what you do and to never get caught off guard.  CONSTANT VIGILANCE!  

Musicianship: Divination  To pass this class you must have a natural talent for what's being taught, or a natural talent for faking.  The teacher has a lot of knowledge on the subject, but no definite teaching methods and no set lesson plans.  Sometimes you sit in class and wonder why THE FUCK this is even a requirement because really, how do you even TEACH something like this in a way everyone will understand?

I made ten tulle tutu chair covers for a ballerina-themed party tomorrow.  I'm debating whether to charge an hourly fee or just a flat rate fee.  Hmmmm...
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