lyrique86 (lyrique86) wrote,

ACEN Update

The ACEN trip is now the Go-see-old-friends-and-also-go-shopping-trip.  They've yet to announce their fashion guests, so we're switching up the focus of our trip to Chicago.

Outfit Progress Report:

It's been nicknamed "The Mermaid Dress."  Due to my extreme fiddling with the original patter I used, the dress is currently too small for my dress form, and too big for me.  This is actually a fairly common problem I have, despite the fact that, technically, my dress form is my size.

Did you know you get money back on your taxes for being a student?  Did you know that amount can offset whatever taxes you owe due to a job you might have had that didn't deduct taxes from your paycheck for half the year?  Yeah, I didn't.  It was a wonderful surprise.
Tags: cons, lolita, sewing

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