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All is Well

Chi: *Bursts into my room* Christy.  Pottermore is sending out more welcome emails
Me: *asleep* Yeah, they're sending them continuously now.  For the next two weeks
Chi: ...I just got mine
Chi: You should check your email
Me: WHUT. *Checks* HOMFG
Chi: I'll take that as a yes

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On a real life note, my car is fixed and my Sunday job has been deleted.  I've offered up my services as a weekend shift leader at the cafe instead, since I can't be a server for a buffet that no longer exists.  If it goes through, which it probably will since the cafe manager currently works everyday of the week since he has no shift leaders to cover for him, I will officially have no life.  School and teaching job during the weekdays, homework at night, and cafe job on the weekends.  BUT!  At least I'll be able to afford health insurance!  And save up for when taxes are due and ACEN and my cosplay idea.

On a random note, I HATE lj posting set-up, it's SO MUCH HARDER for me to post now for some reason.  I have to html my cuts now cos they don't work on rich text, and my fonts MAGICALLY change themselves mid sentence.  UGH.
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La la la!

I had my first voice lesson today.  I also skipped choir, but that was because my voice teacher apparently gets carried away/ doesn't watch the clock, so I was 15 minutes late for class by the time we were done so I was like "eff this" and went home.  I'm sure the choir director noticed I was missing as I'm the only black girl, but eh.  I studied my music to make up for missing class!

Point is, my voice teacher is AWESOME and she had me sing my French audition song and she liked it and now wants me to sing AS MANY FRENCH SONGS AS POSSIBLE.  So I get to buy an ANTHOLOGY of French songs.  Or maybe just songs in general, I can't tell from the title she wrote down for me.  ALSO I can sing to a low B flat which is apparently impressive, BUT she's going to have me sing a lot of high songs?  My other voice teacher did that to me too, and it makes me wonder.  I thought about it, and I think maybe it's because I have a very good low voice for CHOIR, but a good high voice for SOLO.  Yes, there is a difference.

Nothing else new going on.  The kiddies is crazy, but I still love that job so much.  My music theory class is hilariously annoying because of one boy, this idiot boy, who's taking the class as non-major fine arts credit and he's so.  So.  Dumb.  And awkward.  He talks too much about nothing and we're only on chapter 2 because the prof has to keep stopping to answer another one of his RIDICULOUS questions.

Anyway, that's it.
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Shopping is Gross

 I tried on 8 pairs of jeans today, and was reminded why I never go jean shopping.  I had to text my dad after and apparently my texts were so distraught sounding that he called to make sure I was all right.  Shopping is gross.  And I have to try again tomorrow night because I never did find my jeans.

School starts tomorrow.  I'm so excited to see my kiddies again.  I attended Open House of Friday so parents could sign their kids up for our program and it was so wonderful to see how eager the students were to sign up (for the first time or again!)  We're already full to almost maximum capacity and some of my favorites haven't shown up yet!  I need my kiddies to come back; I have Big Things planned this year!  Yes, it involves a Kpop medley dance routine.  DUH.
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Life Goes On

Yes, I spent the entire weekend grumpy and depressed, but I'm over it.  For the most part.  Anyway, it's time to concentrate on real life again, seeing as I'm about to get hit right in the face with it in just a few weeks.

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So I have a lot on my plate.  No time for moping around because Harry Potter is over.  Forever.  10 years of my life.  Done.  UGH
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Chi: Hmmm computer not work?  Yeah, I think that's a sign that it's time to go to bed.
Me: No!  I just got on my computer!  I haven't been on the internet ALL NIGHT
Chi: What?  Then what've you been DOING all this time?
Me: ...I was with YOU!  STUPID!!
Chi:  Oooh.  Oh right.

...Apparently we've reached that point in our relationship where we forget about the other's existence?